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Pamela Bernal

Legal Assistant

Pamela Bernal is a dedicated Legal Assistant at our firm, bringing with her several years of experience in healthcare. Through her professional and academic endeavors, Pamela, who also goes by Pam, has developed a profound interest in studying different populations and behaviors to uncover deeper truths about peoples’ needs.

Driven by a desire to continuously expand her knowledge, Pamela thrives on exploring new perspectives and understanding the intricate relationships between people and the systems in which they operate. In her current role as a Legal Assistant, she is enthusiastic about acquiring new skills in the legal domain and in business administration at large.

Outside of work, Pamela enjoys indulging in various international cuisines, immersing herself in outdoor activities, and listening to anything with a solid bass line. She finds great joy in creating new memories and sharing unique experiences with her loved ones.

Pamela's inquisitive nature extends beyond her professional and personal interests. She has a profound fascination with language and expression and harbors a deep appreciation for human physiology.

With her diverse range of interests and her unwavering commitment to excellence, Pamela is an invaluable asset to our team, constantly seeking to enhance her skills and contribute meaningfully to our organization.

Pamela Bernal

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