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Dominic Buchmiller

Associate Attorney

Dominic Buchmiller is an associate attorney at the Law Offices of Adam Dayan, specializing in advocating for families navigating the impartial hearing process. With a strong commitment to ensuring students with disabilities receive the educational support they are entitled to, Dominic guides his clients through every stage of litigation.

Dominic graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law in 2018, and then honed his litigation skills by working on diverse cases in matrimonial and family law. His passion for justice and dedication to his clients are evident in his unwavering commitment to their best interests.

With a keen eye for detail and a compassionate approach, Dominic is your trusted ally when it comes to fighting for educational rights and providing comprehensive legal support. Dominic lives in Manhattan and is an avid reader and runner.

Dominic Buchmiller

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