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Recent Activity In Albany

I recently came across a quote about *change* while browsing the internet. It said something to the effect of - You can find change in your couch, but not on your couch. I thought it was cute and it has stuck in my head. It seems like a lot of people in Albany are off their couches and trying to shake things up. You may remember the January 25, 2012 blog post titled Proposed Amendments To The Regulations Relating To Impartial Hearings. After public hearings that were held in February and in response to public comment, those proposed changes to state education regulations have not been implemented but, instead, revised to take into account the various public comments they received. The current version of the proposed regulations is before the P-12 Education Committee, and it is expected that a notice of the revised rulemaking will be published by July 18, with public comment to follow. For a closer look, check out:

In addition, there has been a buzz about the bills recently passed by the NY Senate and Assembly (S7722A and A10722A) which amend provisions of N.Y. Educ. Law §§ 4402 and 4404. Our office received a number of inquiries from the press to discuss the issue. To learn more visit:


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