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NY Times Schools For Tomorrow Conference

For those who are not attending today's NY Times Schools For Tomorrow event, it is streaming live all day on their website:

Topics being covered include:

  • Perspectives on education issues from the campaign trail

  • Global overview - Canada, Australia, Finland, Singapore

  • Economics metrics of education in the U.S. compared to abroad

  • How to increase the status and perception of the profession and attract top talent

  • Teacher salaries & merit-based pay

  • Measuring teacher performance

  • Role of teachers' unions

  • Chicago teachers' strike

  • Influence of Teach For America

  • Role of federal/local government in educational reform

  • Future of education

  • Building support structures - school mentorship, teacher-training programs, and supporting teachers to deliver better instruction

  • Changing role of the teacher

Highlights include:

  • David Brooks as moderator

  • Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University Professor of Education

  • Kaya Henderson, Chancellor of the D.C. Public School System (successor to Michelle Rhee)

  • Keynote address by Aneesh Chopra, former Chief Technology Officer for the U.S.

  • Remarks from Chancellor Dennis Walcott

If teaching, in the words of Linda Darling-Hammond, is "the profession on which all other professions depend," today's subject of how to improve that profession makes for a meaningful and worthwhile conversation.


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