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Managing Your Anxiety And Your Child's Transition Back To School

In our July 27 blog post, we shared information to help you prepare for a safe transition back to school in light of new guidelines from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)in favor of reopening schools this fall

We wanted to share a recent article from the New York Times about the pandemic's toll on children with special needs. The stories in this article echo stories we have heard from our clients. As a result of being home, children have become aggressive and, in some cases, injurious to themselves or others, as a result of not having the structure, support, and human interaction they need. Parents are feeling physically burnt out and emotionally overwhelmed from supporting their special needs children full time on their own. The article is available here.    

It is imperative that students with disabilities be able to transition back to in-person learning safely as soon as possible. We understand that parents may be having heightened anxiety and mixed feelings about transitioning back to school, and we wanted to forward an article we found regarding how to handle anxiety over back-to-school decisions. The article can be accessed here.   

We also wanted to let you know that you can access important new information about the Department of Education's (DOE) health and safety protocols for the upcoming school year, including criteria to open schools and keep them open, and what happens if someone gets sick, by visiting the DOE's website here.  


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