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Happy Holidays

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

In one sense, there is so much wrong with the world right now. We are in the throes of a global pandemic, which has upended our daily lives and the social connectedness that many of us had been taking for granted. We have been physically distanced from family, friends, and loved ones, relegated to Zoom and other online interactions, which are better than nothing but still not great. Many of us are feeling heavy with stress and uncertainty. Those who have school-age children have had the added burden of navigating their children’s education in the most tumultuous of times. With so much that seems negative, sometimes it can be hard to see the positive. Which may mean that we have to work just a little harder to see it.

In many ways, this Thanksgiving was the most special Thanksgiving I have ever had. Because of pandemic-related restrictions, my wife and I mostly spent the holiday with our 3 beautiful children – our 3-year-old-daughter and 17-month-old twin boys. Our home was filled with smiles and laughter, crying and shouting, sharing and grabbing, running and falling, eating and spilling, playing and testing the limits. The joy and happiness that I felt on this holiday weekend – and I think the same is true for my wife – is unlike any other I’ve felt before. It’s like the older our children get, the more love we have for them, which creates so much joy and happiness that it dwarfs any joy and happiness we felt previously. Pandemic or no pandemic, it was a magical feeling and I am thankful to have my wife and 3 kids in my life.

On the subject of family, I am also grateful for the “work family” we have created at our law firm. Over the last 12 months, we have worked hard to cultivate an office culture that emphasizes having a tight-knit group of individuals who take an interest in each other and care about one another. This has made a big difference in helping us forge our identity, and I feel fortunate to be working with such a wonderful group of people who bring passion, integrity, thoughtfulness, and kindness to our office (or, sometimes, our virtual office) every day. I do not take this for granted because I know what we have together is rare.

It’s important to me that our entire community get to know the individuals who make up our office team in order to see how special they are. Over the coming weeks, we will be featuring each team member in one of our firm’s e-newsletters. I hope that this will provide a glimpse into the person behind the phone/computer who is answering your call, responding to your email, and advocating for your child’s best interest with zeal.

I am grateful to have each one of them in my life. Some of you who know our team members may already feel the same way. For those who don’t yet know them well, it is my hope that over the next few weeks you will get to know them better and feel that special connection too.

In this post-Thanksgiving, pre-New Year’s period, I wish you and your family joy, happiness, peace, health, and a time for reflection. I hope you are able to take stock of the positive things in your life, however difficult that may be at this particular pandemic-stricken moment. I hope that you continue to feel connected with those around you, and that we continue to feel connected to each other.

Best wishes for you, your family, and your loved ones during this holiday season and in 2021.

Stay well!

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