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Father's Day

This Sunday I will be celebrating my second Father's Day. During the course of the day, I expect that my wife and I will reflect on my daughter's birth 21 months ago, how much she has grown since then, and the happy memories we have shared together as a family.

I continue to be amazed by my daughter's development. The way she has learned to put words together, for example, is fascinating ("Daddy, sit, floor" or "more...melon" or, on occasion, "some...pancakes"). She is attuned to the weather ("sunny day" or "windy"). When she has had a rough day and just wants to cuddle up and unwind, she asks for "cozy" and "book." She has learned how to tug on our heart strings, asking for "huggies," especially when we are putting her to sleep at night and she wants us to stick around longer. She has become fast friends with her gray plush dog and runs around our home asking "Gray, where are you?" Her problem solving abilities impress me too. Like when something fell underneath the couch out of our reach and she suggested "broom" to help us corral the item. When I came back from the gym sweaty one morning, she said "yucks" (admittedly, with some prompting from my wife) followed by "clean, head, shower." Every day is an adventure and the first 21 months have been quite a ride.

At the same time that my wife and I will be reflecting on the past, we will be looking to the future. In particular, we will be wondering what our lives will be like in just a few short weeks when my wife is expected to give birth to twins. I cannot imagine what life will be like then but were are very excited (and a little nervous) to find out.

To the other fathers out there, on behalf of my family and my firm, I would like to wish you a very special Father's Day. I hope it is a day filled with joy, togetherness, and quality time with your children and loved ones.

Happy Father's Day!


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