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Events Happening This Weekend

A few events taking place this weekend are the impetus for this brief post:

1) The release of Won't Back Down

This Hollywood film due to be released on Friday, September 28 depicts the travails of parents fed up with the bureaucracy of the public school system and teachers' unions who buck the system and plan to move toward something better. Unlike Waiting for Superman, this film is not a documentary, but certainly is timely in light of the current education debate and appears to be sending strong waves through the parent community (if reactions from the limited advanced screenings are any indication).

2) Presidential Debate regarding Disability Issues

Although Barack and Mitt have opted out of appearing at this forum scheduled to take place on Friday, September 28, their respective camps will be represented at this debate regarding a range of disability issues in the U.S.

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3) City Hall Rally

A rally will take place on Sunday, September 30 at City Hall to fight the city's recent changes in the way that service contracts are awarded and CPSE services are provided with respect to pre-school-aged children with special needs. As a result of the recent changes, many independent providers who have developed positive educational relationships with their students are finding that they may be out of jobs.

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