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Cuomo's New Commission

Governor's NY Education Reform Commission:

Education advisor out. Citibank corporate bigwig in.

Nothing on special education other than a brief reference to "approaches to improving special education programs and outcomes while also reducing costs."

What's this "blueprint" going to look like?

"An action plan to make this state's education system the best on the globe" - Great let's do it!

"How do you make excellence systemic reality across the board, as opposed to the exception?" - Excellent question

Frightening statistics feed of the day -

  • NYS spends more money per student than any other state in the nation

  • NYS but ranks 38th in high school graduation rates

  • 73% of NY's students graduate from high school but only 37% are college-ready

I am pleased to see Chancellor Goldstein on the commission. He is a visionary with a proven track record for education reform.


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