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Autism Insurance Reform Case In Michigan

More and more states have been enacting autism insurance legislation reforms to require insurance companies to cover the costs of certain autism-related therapies such as Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy. According to Autism Votes (, an initiative run by Autism Speaks, Michigan may have such a bill pending but has not yet enacted such legislation. Break to a recent federal court case in Detroit where a judge has allowed a class action to proceed against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan with respect to a claim that ABA therapy was denied by the insurance company on the grounds that it is investigative/experimental despite the substantial scientific research behind it. I don't know how many people carry Blue Cross Blue Shield, but given the high incidence of autism nationwide, the number of plaintiffs included in this class could be very substantial. If this case goes forward, I imagine it will involve expert testimony about the science behind the efficacy of ABA therapy, and could be the push Michigan needs to pass the legislation reforms.


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