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How do I determine if I need to hire an attorney?

The best way to determine if you need to hire an attorney is to consult with an attorney. As soon as you suspect your child might have special needs, you should arrange for a consultation even if it is just to get a sense of what would be involved in your case or if there even is a case. Some issues may be resolved with a simple phone call or letter while other issues may be more complicated.

An attorney can advise you about the nature of the special education process and what actions you should or should not take. In some instances, obtaining a certain form of relief may take months of advance planning. If you have not taken the proper steps, you may have unwittingly jeopardized your claim for some or all of that academic year.

It is never too soon to consult an attorney and there is nothing wrong with saying “I think I may need an attorney but I’m not sure.”

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