New Mission

New Mission

My mission is to explore how other countries around the world are dealing with education and special education issues.

I would like to visit and observe different types of schools that have proven records of success, wherever those schools may be. I would like to meet with school directors and administrators, government officials, leaders in the business world, and others who are responsible for implementing education systems or otherwise connected to education to learn more about how education is being addressed in their communities.

If you know of any remarkable schools in other parts of the world (especially special needs schools), please let me know about them. If you know of any education experts who are engaged in remarkable work in this field, please introduce me to them.

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts or ideas regarding the above. Read more about my mission here.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bus Strike

What to do if the bus strike affects you?  See below for information:

Copied here:

Pupil Transportation

Attention parents and guardians of students who receive yellow bus service: Beginning Wednesday, January 16, there will be a strike by bus drivers who provide school bus services to the majority of NYC's public and non-public school students and school bus service for most or all school-age students is not operating.

This should not impact Early Intervention or pre-K bus services, but there may be some disruption to those services as well. Note: Field trips using yellow bus service are canceled. After-school programs may remain open, but no busing will be provided.

Bus routesGet information about whether there is disruption on your child's route on this page which will be updated beginning at 7:00 am and throughout the day as needed.

If your child's bus route is impacted by the strike, please review the follow alternative transportation options:

Public Transportation Options

MetroCards for students: If your child currently uses school bus service to get to school, your child will receive a MetroCard at school.
MetroCards for parents: If your child has an IEP that requires transportation from home to school, or if your child normally receives busing and is enrolled in kindergarten, first, or second grade, you may request a MetroCard from your child’s school so that you can accompany your child to school.
  • Using the subway: You can use the MetroCard beginning Wednesday, January 16.
  • Traveling on an MTA bus: You can use the MetroCard beginning Thursday, January 17.
  • If your MetroCard does not work, please bring it back to your school so it can be replaced.
  • If you have a child in third, fourth, fifth, or sixth grade, and are concerned about your child using the subway or bus alone and you do not have your own MetroCard, request a MetroCard from your child’s school. We will reimburse your fare until you receive the MetroCard. Note: these MetroCards should be available for pick up on Tuesday, January 22.

Private Transportation Options

Students who receive busing from home, or students in kindergarten through sixth grade who live in areas where public transportation between home and school is not readily available have the following options:

Student Attendance and Learning at Home

Our goal is to have minimal disruption to student learning. Students affected by the strike will be excused for up to two hours of delayed travel time. If a student is unable to make it to school due to the strike, educational materials for every grade and core subject are posted here so that students can continue learning at home.
Get answers to frequently asked questions, which will be updated as more information becomes available.